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Tc 1 first child. :icong-i-massenger68:G-I-massenger68 3 1
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SZ-Hyde character: Velma Rockefeller :icong-i-massenger68:G-I-massenger68 0 11
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The Mazin race pt 1 :icong-i-massenger68:G-I-massenger68 0 0
Blue Raspberry Goddess Rasp
Blueberry goddess- Rasp.
Nickname- Berry Bomb, Rome's Loki, the monster girl seducer.
Body type-fit.
Cup size-DD
Hair style-silky short
Hair color- Blue raspberry.
Appearance: She wears a blue  V-cut leotard, toeless-blue stockings, black sandals and black arm bands as her goddess outfit.
During beach trips, she wears a dark blue sling-shot bikini.
Her casual attire consist of olive green cargo shorts, baby blue mid-rift shirt, ivory skate shoes.
Personality- adventurous, mischievous, go lucky, flirty.
flaws-hot headed, vengeful, simple minded, extremely curious.
Domain-Japan and Europe.  
Powers- Enhanced Blueberry juice manipulation, transformation, illusion magic.
Sexual fetishes-Any creative situation involving inflation or blueberries and monster girl taming.
favorite food-anything baked with blue berries, ice cream and burgers.
favorite drink- Pepsi and icees
Home-mount bloatimpus.
best friend- Vio
:icong-i-massenger68:G-I-massenger68 6 6
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Hey world! Where's all the good parents gone?
Anybody have a problem with critics these days?
I looked at the news today, and what I saw... zombies... no joke.
Been playing this new Digimon game for hours. Anybody know how to max out stats and bits?
to heck with going left! I'm going right.

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Name: Priapus: the entity of lust.
Height: 6’0
Gender male
Body type: chiseled
Skin color: gray.
Eye color: emerald green.
Hair style: bald.
Appearance: He wears a black iron Spartan helmet with horn like a ram.  Black leather-forearm length fingerless gloves drape his hands.  A loin cloth made from ebony chain mail, over a dark green Speedo.  Also he dawns a jade-studded belt with a rams head as the buckle, and covering his feet are a pair of ancient gladiator sandals.
Personality: edgy on the outside, but caring and gentle on the inside. Rarely speaks, only gestures. Loyal to his herald and his/her allies.
Powers: body modification magic, able to manipulate every cell in every living organism.  Enhanced strength, speed and perception.  Float and hover at will.    
Combat style; kick boxing, piston puncher and technical grappler.
Weaknesses: long range attacks, direct attack to his harbinger, and time altering magic.
Price for becoming the harbinger: Your soul or an offering of an albino ram.
Effect of pact: any damage done to Priapus is applied to his harbinger.
In case this art site fails, does any else know another good site to view many kinds of art you wanna to see?
It's official... Half the world is stupid.
Well since Scalebound game is gone forever. Who want a story or fanfic based off the idea?
Been playing this new Digimon game for hours. Anybody know how to max out stats and bits?


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